Cultural Hub

ANDPVA’s mission to be a recognized national provider of healing opportunities through the arts includes the creation of a Cultural Hub with performance, exhibition, rehearsal, workshop and recording spaces for First Nation, Inuit, and Métis artists. The impact of the pandemic on Indigenous arts and cultural communities has urged ANDPVA to accelerate the founding of a Cultural Hub.

ANDPVA’s Cultural Hub will offer a re-villagizing environment governed by traditional and contemporary Indigenous knowledge and values for the facilitation of creative expression through arts and culture for personal empowerment and community connection. The Cultural Hub will serve as an Indigenous gathering place for cultural and artistic expressions of individual and collective experiences and cultivate connections.

Programming for skill-building and mentorships and access to materials and spaces to create new works will foster livelihood and revenue generating opportunities.

Visitors and other artists can observe artists at work in their workshops, experience live storytelling, musicians and expressive performances, experience cultural ceremonies and teachings and see completed works by artists in the gallery space that can be purchased at the gallery shop.