About Us:

The Association for Native Development in the Performing and Visual Arts (ANDPVA) is Canada’s oldest Indigenous arts service organization, providing support to Canadian Indigenous artists in Ontario and around the world. ANDPVA was established in 1972 and incorporated as a non-profit of the Province of Ontario in 1974. At the time, there was little activity being generated or presented in the Indigenous arts community. Indigenous people were reeling from the effects of colonization and residential boarding schools. James Howard Buller spearheaded the vision of this new organization leading the first 11 founding members/directors to become the voice of the Indigenous artist. It is said his vision was that Indigenous people would create social change through the arts. He and his colleagues believed that through the performing and visual arts, the legends, stories, histories and social issues of Indigenous people might be revealed in such a manner that would provoke entertainment as well as stir the conscience of Indigenous and non-Indigenous alike. It was Buller’s goal to demonstrate the rich traditional heritage of Indigenous people and to ensure that Indigenous art was recognized as contributing to the cultural fabric of Canadian society. Throughout its more than 40-year history, ANDPVA created professional development, production, exhibition, and presentation opportunities for Indigenous artists in music, writing, storytelling, poetry, film & video, new media, theatre, dance, visual arts, traditional arts & design, fashion, and culinary arts. VISION We envision a community that acknowledges, respects and supports emerging and established artists as the protectors and carriers of our Indigenous cultures and languages as well as our innovative and original Indigenous ways of knowing. We envision a community of Indigenous artists who share and recognize the intrinsic value of their knowledge, their skills and their artistic expressions with each other, in order to preserve and advance our evolving cultural identity and enrich the cultural fabric of society, and strengthen relationships between all peoples. We see a community where parents and elders exercise their responsibilities by nurturing children and instilling in t hem the importance of artistic expression for its own value as well as for a means of protecting and fostering Indigenous cultures and our relationship with Creation and all our relations. MANDATE To provide access, stimulate and promote creativity in the arts for artists/creators/producers of Indigenous ancestry working in any discipline. MISSION To create, support and develop a self-sufficient community of Indigenous artists who preserve our traditional knowledge, advance our respective cultural identities and reflect our evolving cultural expression.